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I am a mix engineer and producer. I started as a performing musician and began mixing professionally in 2011. As a professional musician myself, I recognise the importance of capturing the energy and creativity of a performance and translating that effectively to a final mix.

I love to work with my clients from the beginning, taking their raw audio and ideas to create a finished product that we can both be proud of.

I have had the pleasure of working with artists across an extensive range of genres; pop, rock, orchestral, jazz, punk, grime, country, R'n'B and gospel to name a few. In addition to music, I also have extensive experience mixing speech for podcast, audio book and to accompany video.

There is no task too small or project too large! I will be more than happy to support you with the smaller tasks such as audio editing and vocal tuning or to partner with you for a larger, ongoing project. For more details, please see below.

Please get in contact below with any questions, to discuss ideas and to find how I can help with your project.
I look forward to hearing from you,


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Music production workshops for educators, music departments and students. Tailored to your specification to meet your students' needs. 


all genres, solo instrumentalist to orchestra, live and studio 


clean up, tuning, getting your perfect take


preparing speech for podcast, audiobook, to accompany video, ads and radio


perfect mix already sorted? I can master it for you 



Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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